Our areas of expertise

A comprehensive view

We bring together and manage all of the actors involved in the life cycle of a space, from the design phase to carrying out the work and creating the furnishings, right up to the site’s operation.

This vision enables us to solve a wide range of issues such as boosting the attractiveness of your retail space, making the best use of your assets and improving productivity, while focusing at all times on your return on investment.

Bespoke solutions to your challenges

We will immerse ourselves in your world to understand your business and figure out the challenges you face, in order to bring you bespoke and innovative solutions that meet your specific needs and those of your users.

In addition to our experience, we bring you solutions to optimise your costs; our guarantees in terms of adhering to standards, lead times and agreed budgets; and our assurance that wherever you are in France or Europe, we will place our very best people at your disposal. They will be supervised by a project manager, who will be your key contact.

 A big-picture view leads to the right actions! 

Collaborative Design

Designing your project together 

Furnishings and Fit-out

Fitting out your space 

General Contractor

Overseeing your project 

After-sales Service & Maintenance

Ensuring a long life for your space