Collaborative Design

A team of internal and external experts for each project

Armed with our experience and our knowledge of your market, we design your space and assist you in the implementation phase to ensure that your project is executed successfully, in optimal conditions.

Depending on the size, particularities and complexity of your project and whether it involves an office space or a retail space, we place the skills of our internal and external experts (architects, designers, space planners, etc.) at your disposal in order to bring you fit-outs that are effective, pertinent and lasting.

 The most evolved spaces are those that make us more agile 

All of our creations take into account technical and economic aspects

In practice, we place a strategic planner in charge of all retail projects and a change manager in charge of office spaces. They oversee each project from the formulation phase to the shaping and the final implementation. They create a bespoke design team for you.
By taking into account the technical and economic perspectives of our group’s design department, which analyses project feasibility and converts the designs into technical drawings, we guarantee end results that meet your economic and operating objectives.

Continuous trend monitoring

In a digital world where everything is speeding up, our design team is constantly on the lookout for signals or major trends that will change the way we live, consume and work. By anticipating the future, we can bring you the spaces of tomorrow and find solutions that can be adapted over time.