Furnishings and Fit-out

Adapted and modular furnishings

Working with you to design the furnishings and fixtures for your new décor is not just about creating an original design. Above all, it is about translating your requirements and adapting the furnishings and fixtures to their intended purpose and to your specific needs.

Functionality, modularity, ergonomics, durability, and comfort are the elements we consider when making our suggestions.

Based on the particularities of your project, its complexity and the quantity to produce, we select the contractor that is best able to meet your needs, while optimising production costs thanks to our network of European partners.

 Being a good host starts with the right setting! 

Stringent quality standards

We work with all kinds of materials, from wood to metal, glass, resins and polycarbonates. We bring you bespoke solutions that comply with applicable standards.

Should you opt for standard furnishings, we can present you with a wide selection of ranges that are suited to your particular line of business. We partner with a network of European manufacturers who have agreed to adhere to our quality standards.

Each project is entirely overseen by a single expert. This means you have a single point of contact who knows your project inside out and who will perform the necessary checks at the workshop and be present on site during installation.

Our commitments to the environment

Korus is a socially conscious company that cares for the environment and its protection. That is why we expect all of our partners to engage in environmentally responsible practices and to sign charters to this effect. For example, the wood used to build our furniture is certified FSC and PEFC.

Korus is also a member of Valdelia, an organisation that recycles commercial and office furniture.