Korus helps the Coline en Ré charity

The Korus group has been supporting the Coline en Ré charity for a few years now. Marc Billet, a managing partner of the Korus group, is the charity’s administrator and has been an active member since 2011.

To raise funds, the charity organises high-quality concerts given by internationally renowned artists who donate of their time. The money raised by the sale of tickets for these events is used to help children who are in danger around the world.

In order to constantly fund new projects, Coline en Ré also organises other initiatives such as La Boitadon, where donation boxes are distributed to companies, and Les Virtuoses du Coeur (virtuosos of the heart), a national piano-playing competition.

 Children are our future and many don’t have the same fortune we have had. Those of us who have had good fortune must give. 
Marc Billet

A financial commitment and a personal one…

Each year, Marc Billet promotes the charity’s concerts and invites his network to attend them. He has actually gotten personally involved in the charity by accompanying the teams of volunteers to Cambodia while a school extension was being built. This extension now contains a dormitory where children who live too far away can sleep during the week, and a dentist’s office providing free services to the villagers.

What’s more, each year in September, Korus organises a fundraising day called “Garden en Ré”. Clients, partners and suppliers are invited to a fun and festive day in the countryside near Paris.

When music saves children…

In 2016, over €120,000 were raised and this money is now used to help children in some of the world’s poorest countries: Cambodia, Chad, Afghanistan, Madagascar and Haiti.

2 initiatives are currently underway:

  • A renutrition programme in Madagascar
  • A centre for diabetic children in Pointe-Noire (Congo-Brazzaville)


For more information, visit www.coline-en-re.com.

Click here to donate to the charity.