Korus supports Global Heart Watch

This year again, Korus is supporting the Global Heart Watch association, whose actions aim to prevent cardiac arrest. Charles Marcolin was deeply moved by the personal accounts of the association’s founders.

Global Heart Watch was created in September 2013 by Gilbert Blaise and his wife, after their 31-year-old son died of cardiac arrest at the end of a 10-km race. Their actions are supported by Professor Xavier Jouven, Cardiologist and Director of the CEMS (Centre d’Expertise Mort Subite, or Sudden Death Expertise Centre in English).

 Every minute saved increases the chance of survival by 10% ! 

Cardiac arrest prevention

Global Heart Watch plays a major role in the prevention of cardiac arrest.

Sudden death (by cardiac arrest) is up to 10 times more common than road accidents in France.

In 80% of cases, the cardiac arrest occurs in front of one or several witnesses. Unfortunately, less than one witness in two knows how to (or dares to) perform CPR and use a defibrillator. Consequently, the survival rate is low. Only 7% of victims survive. In the United States, in the county of Seattle, the survival rate is 20 to 30%.

When witnesses are able to start CPR early the chance of survival is doubled, and with a defibrillator shock it increases elevenfold.

The association’s missions :

  • To inform the general public and increase general awareness
  • To promote a preventive attitude within companies
  • To teach the general public first aid
  • To fund research projects

To learn more about Global Heart Watch, please visit: http://www.globalheartwatch.org/