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Today, given our new technologies, everything moves at a very fast pace and there are major differences between each successive generation’s habits. You are no doubt familiar with the debates surrounding the X, Y and even the Z generations. But what impact does the advent of “digital natives” actually have on our organisational structures? And what are the consequences in the real estate sector in particular?


 The new generation is dreadful… I would so love to be part of it 
Oscar Wilde

Tomorrow, we will no longer work in the same way : ethics, ecology, well-being, personal and professional fulfilment, and nomadism are now becoming top priorities for employees. And although one might think that new technologies are developing to the detriment of interaction between individuals, the opposite seems to be happening: interaction in all its forms is more prevalent than ever! These contradictions are no doubt what make our new era so original.

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In this edition, we invite you to discover what the future holds for companies and offices, and who will be leading these changes.

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