Atol Atol Atol

Project context

In the ultra-competitive and high-potential eyewear market, Atol wanted a new identity that placed well-being and beauty at the centre of its customer strategy. The cooperative chain of French opticians hired Korus to deploy its new boutique concept on over 100 sites across France.

Korus' involvement

  • General contractor and lead firm
  • General contractor and lead firm

Project challenges

  • Regional contacts: maintaining close working relationships with each of the partners and assisting them with their project.
  • Turnkey management
  • Scrupulous adherence to a schedule of unit prices
  • Suggestion of sound and necessary work solutions (confirmed based on a site audit delivered to the client for each project)
  • Depending on the site, works carried out in stages
Depuis 2010
Deployment of 110 boutiques
Location: Across France
Surface area: 2 153 sqm
Archi / Designer / Concept: Carré Noir and KORUS
Depuis 2010