Groupama Loire Bretagne

Groupama Loire Bretagne Groupama Loire Bretagne Groupama Loire Bretagne

Project context

The Loire-Bretagne regional head office of the Groupama banking and insurance group wanted to move all of its teams to a single building in rue de Solferino, Rennes. The existing layout included enclosed offices and the resulting wasted floor-space meant offices had to be rented on another site. Korus worked on this project alongside Groupama employees from the design phase to the creation/execution phase in order to provide them with new, more functional workspaces that promote well-being.

Korus' involvement

  • General contractor
  • Design
  • Remodel

Project challenges

  • The new organisation assigns a set area to each department, within an open-plan space. This makes it possible to integrate some sixty people spread over 4 floors, to facilitate communication between the teams and to create new shared and collaborative spaces on each floor.
  • The building’s central shaft houses the stairwells, lifts and plant rooms and has a distinctive wall covering on each floor for easy identification. A landscape or floral décor homogenises each L-shaped level, while the floor coverings on each level are identical.
  • People management: the work was carried out while the site was occupied.
Restoration and fit-out
Location: Rennes, France
Surface area: 51 666 sqm
Archi / Designer / Concept: Korus

Results achieved

Optimisation of the space and layout: by reducing the loss of floor area the client was able to save €100K per year.