Kiko Kiko Kiko

Project context

In the space of a few years only, the Italian make-up chain Kiko Milano has become a major, highly popular player in the cosmetics market in France thanks to its low prices. Since 2012, the Italian group Percassi, which owns the chain, has been entrusting the creation of its French shops to Korus.

Korus' involvement

  • General contractor
  • Preliminary administrative procedures
  • Liaison with the technical departments of the lessors
  • Management of equipment and fixture installations imposed by the client
  • And all-trades contractor on a few sites

Project challenges

  • Homogenisation and standardisation of all deliverables
  • Technical complexity of the concept
  • Very short lead times for work completion
  • Technical approvals of the working drawings received when work already underway
  • Management of the equipment and fixture installations imposed by the client, including fire safety systems and sprinklers


Since 2012
Deployment of more than 60 shops
Location: Across France
Archi / Designer / Concept: N.C

Results achieved

Over two years, Kiko has doubled the number of shops entrusted to Korus.

Client testimonials

Survey conducted by an outside firm
According to a survey conducted by an outside firm, 100% of the people surveyed after the final acceptance of a Kiko shop would be willing to recommend Korus and hire the company again for other projects.

Since 2012