Leader Price

Leader Price Leader Price Leader Price

Project context

Based on a recommendation from Franprix, Leader Price hired the services of the Korus Group’s After-sales Service & Maintenance department to improve the handling of service calls and maintenance requests from its stores as well as set up 24-hour customer service.

Korus' involvement

  • Overseeing and coordination of maintenance contractors for 354 stores
  • monitoring of maintenance

Project challenges

  • Management of maintenance requests for the 370 stores across France,
  • 5 maintenance requests per month for each store, for a total of 22,200 maintenance requests handled per year,
  • Management of all trade work (locksmithing / glazing work / plumbing / HVAC / lifting / fire safety systems / etc.),
  • Real-time monitoring of each maintenance request via Korus’ CMMS (computerised maintenance management system),
  • Overseeing of more than 150 contractors,
  • Analysis of all maintenance reports and technical recommendations,
  • Analysis of expenses (curative and preventive) and elaboration of the operating budget with the client,
  • Set-up of a 24-hour on-call service,
  • Creation of a team of 9 customer service representatives to manage the Leader Price contract,
  • Use of Leader Price-approved contractors,
  • Creation of bespoke reporting for monthly processing of data
Since 2015
Management and coordination of maintenance requests
Location: Across France
Surface area: 10 764 sqm
Archi / Designer / Concept: N.C
Since 2015