Orange Orange Orange

Project context

The French telecommunications giant hired Korus to carry out a complete renovation of a 5-storey building, including the workspaces and entrance hall, within a high-security complex located in Marseille’s northern district. Korus coordinated all of the contractors hired to work on this project and enlisted the participation of all of Orange’s personnel when defining and organising the spaces, in order to satisfy each department and employee.

Korus' involvement

  • Collaborative design,
  • Creation,
  • General contractor and lead firm

Project challenges

  • Korus coordinated the different firms in the consortium (architect, engineering firms) and was the client’s key contact throughout the project, from the design phase to the creation, right through to the wind-up of operations.
  • The consultations for the gutting, asbestos removal and finishing work were launched in “open book” mode to ensure total transparency for the client.
  • A space planning service was provided in order to define how the workspaces would be partitioned off. Orange’s different departments were involved in the workspace delimitation and organisation phase.
  • Management of dealings with the Workplace Committee on Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT)
Complete building renovation
Location: Marseille, France
Surface area: 37 674 sqm
Archi / Designer / Concept: Nova Architectes et KORUS

Results achieved

The result of this work is comfortable and dynamic spaces for formal and informal interaction and conducive to “working and living together”.