Project context

SNCF, the French public rail company, wanted to renovate the Hall 3 (concourse 3) waiting area at Gare de Lyon. This work was entrusted to Korus, which was tasked with manufacturing and fitting robust furniture with an atypical but sleek design, including this bench which is over 20 metres long! This space is now a hit with all travellers, young and old, due to its conviviality and its aesthetic appeal.

Korus' involvement

  • General contractor
  • Manufacture of fittings

Project challenges

  • Client requirement: deliver all of the fittings to the agreed schedule, i.e. delivery before the start of the winter holidays (February 2014).
  • Adherence to the specifications provided by the architect.
  • Assembly constraints. The entire bench is made up of strips of solid beech wood. Brainstorming to find an assembly system that would be suitable for heavy use by all kinds of people.
  • Delivery of a prototype (1 module) in order to validate the assembly method, the hardware, etc.
  • Workshop visit to approve all fittings before delivery to the site.
  • Nighttime delivery.
Fit-out of a waiting area at Gare de Lyon train station
Location: Paris, France
Archi / Designer / Concept: Mme MORIZET