SoCoo’c SoCoo’c SoCoo’c

Project context

With the SoCoo’c chain, the Fournier Group wished to strengthen its position in the entry-level kitchen segment. In early 2015, the chain had some forty shops only across France. SoCoo’c shops were set up one by one over time, because the chain was a network of franchisees.

But in March 2015, the group bought the 120 retail outlets belonging to Hygena, which was in a slump, and hired Korus to assist with transforming these new shops across France based on the SoCoo’c concept.

Korus' involvement

  • General contractor
  • Design and execution

Project challenges

  • Transformation of the shops: Only the Fermacell perimeter wall lining and the ceiling frame were retained in the sales area
  • Refurbishment (sometimes renovation) of areas reserved for staff (e.g. break room, kitchen, etc.)
  • Other duties: ensure compliance of electrical installations and disabled access to the stores
  • In some shops: division of the shop into two units. Handling of the fire separation and the separation of networks
  • Relocation of shops into units with full fit-out
  • Shop closure limited to 5 weeks only, irrespective of the surface area and the complexity of the work to be performed
Deployment of 80 shops
Location: Across France
Surface area: 3 229 sqm
Archi / Designer / Concept: AKDV