Sostrene Grene

Sostrene Grene Sostrene Grene Sostrene Grene

Project context

  • In 2015, this Danish retail chain established in 1973 began its international expansion.
  • Our client is the franchisee that holds the exclusivity licence for part of France.

Korus' involvement

  • Design, execution and fittings
  • General contractor

Project challenges

  • The parent company in Denmark weighed in on the customer journey under consideration, and Danish teams were sent over to set up the partitions along the customer path (wooden panels + paint + light fittings + merchandising).
  • The shops are composed of a large 2 153 to 2 368 sq.ft. retail space and 1 076 to 2 153 sq.ft. of storage space. This combination is rare on a single level, so a link by lift is required in order to be able to quickly put away 20 to 30 pallets weekly.
Deployment of several shops
Location: Strasbourg, Metz, France
Surface area: 4 000 sqm

Results achieved

  • 1st client satisfaction survey = 3/3
  • The client approached us directly about their next projects and also trusted the other Korus agencies with the work they needed done in other geographical areas.