Hotels & Restaurants

From comfort to lifestyle 3.0

« Hotel worth talking about ». In our time, clients don’t just look for a room, but they want a universe, a story and « an instagrammable emotion ».

A hotel is a living space that has become hybrid, and it must be able to satisfy all kinds of living needs across its various spaces: sleeping, eating, relaxing, meeting others, having fun, working – so many varied activities for which to provide in individual rooms as well as lobbies and catering areas.

This revolution is combined with fast-progressing digitalisation of processes both by industry partners and customers.

 Are you ready for an all-inclusive experience? 

Our ambition is to help you create new exciting experiences for your customers !

Korus has worked on transforming space usage in a bank and in offices, and it is therefore natural that together with our team of experts dedicated to this sector, we want to be part of this revolution.