Office Spaces

Connected spaces for collective intelligence

Collaborative workspaces, mobile offices, teleworking… In less than a decade, work and space organisation has undergone a revolution. The advent of digital technology, globalisation, and the arrival of the X and Y generations have caused a radical shift in vertical organisation structures and changed our relationship to space/work/time.
Office space design has become a key preoccupation for human resources departments, but also a major part of a company’s image. It contributes to attracting and keeping young employees, but also to presenting the company’s assets in their best light − another determining factor for finance and real estate directors.

 An office to do what? 

Co-designing offices

Korus believes in the collaborative approach, in designing the offices of tomorrow with employees. Involving and enlisting the participation of employees in all design and fit-out projects is a key factor for success, as is change management.