Retail Chains

Connected and multi-sensory shops

Brick-and-mortar shops are characterised by their face-to-face aspect and e-commerce by its practicality. The 100% connected shops we believe in are powerful because they combine the advantages of both of these consumption methods.

In addition to having an effective web presence, shops must be able to offer new services, a new experience of connected consumption, all while maintaining the conviviality of a retail space.

 From online browsing to brick-and-mortar shopping 

Assisting you in developing your brand across a given territory

Staging your space in such as way as to arouse your customers’ senses and trigger the desire to buy is the ultimate mission of the space designers we choose for you. They create the atmosphere and we reproduce it, whatever the configuration and size of the premises or their geographical location.

For over 25 years, major retail chains have trusted us because of our capacity to deploy a model rapidly while staying true to their brand’s spirit and identity, and for our ability to put forward solutions and suggestions.