The group

An adventure focused on people

In 2016, the Korus group celebrated its 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century devoted to designing and fitting out professional environments: bank branches, retail outlets and offices.

Besides ensuring continuous growth and the creation of new activities, Korus first focused on hiring the right people:

Korus’ value lies primarily in its people, because it’s thanks to men and women, their intuition, their skills, their intelligence and their courage that we are able to create and share anything of great worth,” says Charles Marcolin, CEO and founder of Korus.

Proximity, reliability, responsiveness: Korus makes every effort to stay as close as possible to its clients and all stakeholders in a project, as it has always been convinced that a collaborative approach and quality human relationships are the guarantee of a successful project.

 The best way to prepare for the future is to build it now together 

Geographical proximity to our clients

This priority given to human relationships is evident in the organisational structure chosen by Korus: one of its strong points is having a local base.

It is reflected in a strong presence at its clients’ side thanks to a number of regional offices set up across France and several branches in other countries, in order to maintain authentic, close relationships, to better understand the problems its clients face from the inside, and to be able to respond quickly to their needs.

Openness and an ability to adapt

While fervently defending the traditional values of integrity and respect for a job well done, Korus cultivates its independent and pioneering spirit with one firm belief: “Yesterday’s truths are today’s biggest obstacles.

Our ambition is to remain open to the most diverse collaborations in order to invent the spaces of the future. That ambition is at your service.

Key dates

  • 1991 : Korus founded by its current CEO, Charles Marcolin
  • 1998 : Fit-out activity created
  • 2005 : Collaborative Design department created
  • 2006 : After-sales Service & Maintenance activity created
  • 2011 : Furnishings and Fit-out entity created
  • 2014 : Korus acquires Superbuild, a Paris-based company specialised in fitting out office spaces
  • 2016 : The Korus group’s turnover exceeds €100m

The Korus group in figures

  • 1991 : the year Korus was established
  • 500 projects carried out each year
  • 250 employees
  • 11 offices, including 8 in France and 3 in other European countries
  • €100 million : Korus’ current turnover