Orange Orange Orange

Contexte du projet

Orange Campus consulted KORUS for the design and fit-out of  a creative innovation room.

Intervention de Korus

  • General contractor on an open-book contract
  • Design, detailed drawings and technical studies / Execution
  • Furnishings

Spécificités du projet

  • Work carried out with Korus Furnishings & Fit-outs for the entire scenography of the room.
  • The project consisted in creating a creative innovation room with input from its occupants.
  • The room is “a magical living space that is set to evolve; a space that fosters collective intelligence and experimentation for Managers, and is practical for facilitators.”
Design and fit-out of a creative innovation room
Lieu : Montrouge, France
Superficie : 2 368 sq. ft.
Archi / Designer / Concept : Korus